Breast ultrasound

Trevor has accreditation with ASUM an organisation that provides training and assessment to ensure competence in clinician performed ultrasound.


Benefits of ultrasound:

It is quick, painless and does not involve any radiation.

It rapidly distinguishes fluid filled cysts from solid lumps.

It accurately documents the size and shape of an abnormality.

It provides a valuable first impression as to whether solid lumps look benign, indeterminate or obviously malignant. This may influence the selection and timing of subsequent tests.

It guides needle biopsy making this procedure  quick, accurate and comfortable.

Ultrasound is particularly useful for assessing symptoms in the following situations:

  • Young women - less than 35 years of age.
  • Pregnancy
  • Assessment of very lumpy, dense breast tissue that is not well seen on mammorams.
  • Women with implants
  • Breast infection to exclude an abscess


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