CoBrCa Conference Oct 2017

In October 2017 I travelled to Tokyo to attend the CoBrCa  ( Controversies in Breast Cancer management) conference. This is an excellent international meeting that adopts an interesting way of engaging the audience by structuring each session as a debate between two expert speakers who are asked to argue opposing view points  for a particular motion. This is followed by audience discussion that can lead to vigorous and entertaining dialogue. As the conference title suggests, the aim is to address current controversies and the list of sessions certainly highlights areas of research and recent developments.

Breast cancer genetics:

Neoadjuvant therapy


Tumour subtypes molecular profiling  prognostic tests  Triple negative breast cancer

Adjuvant endocrine therapy

Breast imaging   breast density     J Start   screening ultrasound   abbreviated MRI scanning

HER 2 positive breast cancer

Locoregional treatment


Low risk    conservative management    LORIS   LORD

Free papers

Reconstruction   understanding the increase in prophylactic and contralateral mastectomy rates

Free papers

Looking ahead to 2022


I plan to discuss the most interesting issues individually over the next few blogs.

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