Closure of Practice August 2018

Closure of Practice  Mr Trevor Smith   31 August 2018

I am retiring from surgical practice and my rooms will close on 31 August 2018.

I am happy to inform you that my colleagues at Mercy Breast Clinic are taking over my practice and are available to see any of my patients as required and to ensure continuity of your care. Mr Isaac Cranshaw and Mr Stephen Benson of Mercy Breast Clinic have a similar scope and style of practice and will be able to provide excellent continuity with your ongoing care. Mercy Breast Clinic offer mammography and ultrasound services on site.

Any surgical or radiology appointments booked with me beyond 31 August 2018 will have to be resceduled with your new provider who will sign you up as a patient. Mercy Breast Clinic will contact you to arrange this as necessary, unless you instruct otherwise before 31 August 2018.

Mercy Breast Clinic: 15 Gilgit Road, Epsom, Auckland

Ph: 09 6230347    Fax: 09 6309372  email:


My last clinic session will be on Friday 10 August 2018. I will be available through my rooms to answer any questions until 31 August 2018 so please do not hesitate to contact me.

Very best wishes for the future.

Trevor Smith

Note: The New Zealand Medical Council requires that all patient files are retained and kept accessible for ten years from the most recent date of consultation. To comply with this regulation, Mercy Breast Clinic will hold your medical records for the retention period. I intend to transfer all patient files of The Breast Centre Limited to mercy Breast Clinic on 31 August 2018. Mercy Breast Clinic will be able to assist you with access to your medical notes after my rooms have closed. If you would prefer to seek follow up care through a different provider you will need to arrange to collect or transfer your medical file from The Breast Centre Ltd before 31 August 2018 and your new provider will then be responsible for holding your file for the retention period. After 31 August 2018 please contact Mercy Breast Clinic about matters relating to the transfer of your file and care.

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