Jane is a 23 year old university student. She has been aware of a painless mobile lump in her right breast for the last 6 weeks.

On examination there is a mobile, non-tender lump measuring 1cm in diameter located at the 12 o'clock position 2cm from the areolar margin. The rest of the clinical examination is normal.

Ultrasound performed at the time of clinical examination reveals a well-defined oval density measuring 1.2cm in maximum diameter.


Ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration biopsy shows benign epithelial cells and naked bipolar nuclei. Features are consistent with a fibroadenoma.

Mammography is not indicated due to her young age.

Diagnosis: Fibroadenoma

Plan Reassurance Lump is a benign fibroadenoma.


1. 3 - 6 month follow-up review with clinical exam and ultrasound.
2. Excision biopsy as short day case procedure.

Jane decided to have the lump removed. This procedure was done as a day-case and required a light general anaesthetic. Surgery was performed through a curved incision around the areola and this heals with a good cosmetic result as shown below.


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