Case examples

The following cases illustrate how the process of Triple assessment works and also demonstrate the way that the breast clinic environment can streamline investigation and management. Click on the left hand menu to select a particular case.

Many of these cases show how valuable ultrasound assisted clinical examination can be in assessing breast problems. Ultrasound is painless and quick to use with no risk of radiation exposure. It allows us to make a rapid preliminary diagnosis and it directs the selection and sequence of other tests. Ultrasound distinguishes fluid filled cysts from solid lumps, guides needle-biopsy and accurately documents the size and shape of an abnormality.

Cases demonstrate the need for close liaison between the pathologist, radiologist and surgeon. In the case of breast cancer treatment this will also include the medical oncologist, and radiation oncologist. This collaboration is referred to as multidisciplinary care.

Patients have given consent for use of clinical information for teaching and education and names and some details have been changed to ensure confidentiality.

Commentary is provided to explain the findings and decision making relevant to each case.

New cases will be added periodically to expand this section.

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