Breast Care Book

Breast Care - Information and advice on all aspects of breast care.

Breast Care BookCopies of this book can be ordered by sending your postal details and a cheque for NZ$30.00 (Includes postage and packaging within New Zealand) made out to:

The Breast Centre Ltd,Ascot Integrated Hospital,90 Greenlane Rd East,Remuera,Auckland.

This book is designed to provide clear information on the many changes that can affect your breasts. Understanding these changes will give you great peace of mind and allow you to make sensible choices about when and where to seek medical attention.

Breast Care contains current information for New Zealand women on: Normal breast structure and function / methods for investigating breast problems / simple explanations on the cause and treatment of common conditions including cysts, nipple changes and benign lumps / breastfeeding / cosmetic procedures / breast cancer diagnosis and treatment / screening and risk reduction strategies. Read more

Trevor Smith is a breast surgeon in Auckland. He has written this book in response to the questions, concerns and insightful observations of many of his patients over the last twelve years.

Published June 2008.


Breast Care Book

Comprehensive Information and
advice on all aspects
of breast care.

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