Nipple inversion

Pulling in of the nipple is quite common.


Congenital - It may be a developmental problem caused by short ducts that hold the nipple in as the breast enlages. The nipple will have been pulled in ever since the breast developed.

Periductal mastitis - inflammatory conditions cause scarring and shortening of the ducts that can pull in the nipple.

Duct ectasia - Over time the nipple ducts can become twisted and dilated. This change can pull in the nipple.

Cancer -
Nipple inversion occuring later in life needs to be carefully assessed to find a cause as it is sometimes due to a cancer pulling on the ducts.

Benign nipple inversion can be corrected surgically by dividing the ducts in theatre. Nipple eversion is performed as a day-case procedure under a light general anaesthetic.

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