Treatment options

Being told that you have breast cancer is a real shock for most people. Some are very calm and pragmatic but for others the news can cause a sense of disbelief and even panic. Keep the following thoughts in the front of your mind:

1. Not all breast cancers are the same. Some are slow growing and are unlikely to cause problems with spread or recurrence. Some changes such as ductal cancer in situ have not even developed into true invasive cancer yet. Others are aggressive and will need more treatment.

2.Most breast cancers can be effectively treated.

I will spend time discussing your biopsy result and planning an appropriate course of treatment with you.

Treatment usually involves surgery to remove the cancer lump and to test the draining lymphnodes. This may be followed by a course of drugs (chemotherapy) and / or radiotherapy.

I will provide you with a copy of my book Breast Care that outlines treatment issues. Feel free to ask questions at any time. There are no "silly" questions and I am very happy to explain any issues that are unclear.

Breast Care Book

Comprehensive Information and
advice on all aspects
of breast care.

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