Recommended Reading

The last thing that most people are likely to want at the time of a cancer diagnosis is to have to read large textbooks to research their options. There are some very good books available that you can refer to if you want specific information on some aspect of your care.

Take Charge Of Your Breast Cancer: a guide to getting the best possible treatment Link, John 2002 Henry Holt and co

Dr Susan Loves Breast Book4th Edition: Love, Susan 2005 Da Capo press

The China Study Startling implications for diet, weight loss and long-term health. Campbell T C, Campbell M C. 2006 Ben Bella Books,Inc.

Your Life In Your Hands: Plant, Jane 2000 Virgin publishing Ltd

Good Health In The 21st Century: a family doctors unconventional guide: Hungerford, Carole 2006 Scribe

Foods That Fight Cancer : preventing and treating cancer through diet: Beliveau, R Gringas, D 2006

Foods That Harm Foods That Heal: Stanton, Rosemary 2007 Readers Digest books


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